cafe, pub or restaurant manager?
food or drink supplier?
turn the trend for 'experience' into profit
Monday 25th March, 2.30 - 4.30pm:   Pynes Hill, Exeter.
Workshop Summary:

Cafe, Pub or Restaurant owner?

Food or Drink supplier?

This workshop will be perfect for most of you.


The 'Experience-Factor' has been tipped as the latest consumer trend, and hospitality trade press and foodie journalists are loving it, yet few share the secrets on how to deliver and profit from it! We take you beyond the obvious with our inspiring 'Top Ten Experience Boosters'.

​Workshop Outcomes:

In this workshop you'll gain an understanding of why the 'Experience-Factor' has become such a hot topic for industry experts, and how it impacts upon your business. Yet we'll swiftly move on to a proven set of 10 ways by which you can introduce a new sense of experience to your business and get the tills ringing. Oh, and we don't just mean 10 ideas! These are ten categories to offer insight and inspiration across a variety of approaches, each filled with their own ideas. So you'll leave full to the brim with new opportunities, but within a framework that will keep it feeling manageable.

Extra Detail:

Other experts and trade press are enjoying the hype over the trend for adding ‘a sense of experience’, yet we’ve found that very few businesses know how to convert that trend into hard profit. Or they get bamboozled by marketing agencies over-complicating it, or struggle to see how they can do it themselves without changing lots.


I’ve run this workshop a handful of times (albeit less than the Footfall-Formula Workshop in the morning as it’s a newer, trendier topic) but again had lots of praise (happy to share scans of feedback forms or personal references). We’ve put together a ‘Top Ten’ ways to convert the ‘Experience’ subject into profit, and so its likely that a good few of those will immediately suit you. (Some are quick-wins, some longer-term, some suit different personalities etc). Again, happy to explain this better if it helps.


Date, Time & Location:

2.30pm - 4.30pm: Monday 25th March

Pynes Hill Business Centre, in the board room of Grow Magazine.

Located near J30 off the M5 (near Ikea).

Good to Know:


This workshop build upon the morning session well, so do attend that one if you can, but you'll still find this easy-to-follow if you haven't (or perhaps if you attended our Footfall Formula workshop elsewhere). If you're in any doubt as to whether this topic holds value for you, do get in touch and we'll be very honest.

"Another great workshop Sara! Like the fact that this shows so many different ways to manage the trend. It makes it all feel clearer and more easy to put into practice now".

"Not the usual marketing fluff! This roots itself in common sense, and I love that, but you've still opened my eyes and mind to a whole new level of thinking. I'm looking forward to playing this formula out, as the potential now seems obvious".

Please see our 'Footfall-Formula Workshop' running shortly before this workshop, 9.30 - 11.30am. Discounts given when both workshops booked at the same time.


How to Book:

The simplest way is to drop me an email to or give me a call on 01271 372620 so that I send you an invoice. This makes it easy for me to ensure you get any Early-Bird Saving or Special Discount currently running.

Alternatively, search 'BrandLanterns' when you click through to here.


​Note: There are always limited seats, as otherwise we can’t tailor the service to suit you as much as we like to, so do book as soon as you can.


We're here to provide more information, answer your queries, send copies of recent feedback forms or put you in contact with past workshop attendees - as we're keen you join us so that you can start enjoying the extra footfall or sales asap! 


Call Sara-Jane Williams on 01271 372620 or email


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