cafe, pub or restaurant manager?
boost profits with a proven
footfall formula.
food or drink supplier?
a formula proven to boost
your product sales.
Monday 25th March, 9.30 - 11.30am:   Pynes Hill, Exeter.
Workshop Summary:

Cafe, Pub or Restaurant Manager?

Food or Drink producer?

This workshop is perfect for you.



There are three driving forces behind footfall and product purchases. If weak in one or more, you'll be losing potential customers. We'll help you to understand the consumer psychology behind venue or product choice, plus show you how to get going with our footfall formula that gives an otherwise overwhelming subject a new sense of structure.

Workshop Outcomes:

If you manage/work in a food&drink establishment, workshop content will be directly targeted at raising your footfall. 


If you manage/work for a food&drink supplier, content will enable you to offer insightful business support to your customers and smart ways to market your product as a footfall-boosting solution.

By the end of this workshop, you'll understand the three influences on footfall or product choice and their relationship to each other. Most significantly, you'll see how they are impacting on your footfall and sales, and you'll have a new structure through which you'll have identified your weak spots. 


You'll have fresh ideas on how to strengthen these areas, plus the opportunity to pick the brains and creative juices of BrandLanterns. In short, we'll have helped get you glowing (-;

Extra Detail:

This workshop identifies the 3 reasons why businesses lose footfall or sales…or in other words the 3 mindset ingredients that must be ticked before a customer will walk in your door or buy (or the 3 excuses they subconsciously use not to!).


We put these 3 into a formula that we test…and you can test on the day…and then use the structure to hang ideas as to how to make you stronger in those 3 areas. The ideas can be tailored to suit your business, your style and budget, but most crucially it takes a subject matter that is otherwise a minefield and makes it approachable, focuses your energy/resources and ensures the results come in (i.e. more money in the till!). Happy to share more info if you need it.


Date, Time & Location:

9.30am - 11.30am: Monday 25th March

Pynes Hill Business Centre, in the board room of Grow Magazine.

Located near J30 off the M5 (near Ikea).

Good to Know:


I’ve run this several times in other areas and it’s popular as 1-2-1’s, so I’ve a huge amount of testimonials and people willing to share their experiences of the workshop if that would reassure you. As part of feedback, I always get attendees to rate me on several areas, and so far I’ve 4.8 - 5 out of 5 on average…so a lot of happy attendees!

"Your workshop got me seeing the issue of footfall in a new way. This makes sense, and you've got me buzzing with ideas that actually feel achievable".

"Not the usual marketing fluff! This roots itself in common sense, and I love that, but you've still opened my eyes and mind to a whole new level of thinking. I'm looking forward to playing this formula out, as the potential now seems obvious".

Please also see our 'Experience-Factor' running shortly after this workshop, 2.30 - 4.30pm. Discounts given when both workshops booked at the same time.


How to Book:

The simplest way is to drop me an email to or give me a call on 01271 372620 so that I send you an invoice. This makes it easy for me to ensure you get any Early-Bird Saving or Special Discount currently running.

Alternatively, search 'BrandLanterns' when you click through to here.


​Note: There are always limited seats, as otherwise we can’t tailor the service to suit you as much as we like to, so do book as soon as you can.


We're here to provide more information, answer your queries, send copies of recent feedback forms or put you in contact with past workshop attendees - as we're keen you join us so that you can start enjoying the extra footfall or sales asap! 


Call Sara-Jane Williams on 01271 372620 or email


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Sara-Jane Williams

T:  01271 372620

M: 07975 728819

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