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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Blimey, I've just finished writing my 'About' page and found it tough! Wincing at the thought of laying out all my career credentials there, I promised to tuck them away in this first blog post, soon to be bumped down the running order by posts filled with inspiration and profit-boosting tips for your 'BrandLanterns Lunchbox'.

Hopefully, combined with some testimonials, the following details will provide the reassurance you're looking for...but being a few clicks through the navigation at least you can't now accuse me of showing off, right?

dedication wins out

Despite being only a semi-school-swat, I became obsessed with my school project titled 'Understanding Reality'. It bagged me a top grade and ignited a long-running passion for Psychology.

At University I studied Marketing and Business Law and scooped their 'Outstanding Achievement' award. My dissertation focused on food brands and the influence of brand perception, the final slog to achieving a First-Class Honours and securing me a place at one of the UK's top ten marketing agencies.

Winning a creativity competition gave me a short spell in a Chicago agency and then years later I moved to Zurich Financial Services to support various rebrand initiatives.

Two children and two family businesses followed, developing my skills and qualifications in property development and Interior Design. These years also taught me to multi-task at an insane level and stretch a budget small-business-styley!

Five years ago, I became Head of Marketing at a foodservice wholesaler. Having a vision that they could develop their brand personality and popularity by improving customer support, I set about understanding exactly what made their customers (pubs, restaurants, coffee shops etc) tick and the challenges they faced.

[Below: Caterforce conference, 2017. Behind me is an example of one of the lorry designs I developed with the wonderful Mark Thake of The Idea Engine, Barnstaple.]

a perfect patchwork

Working closely with the Philip Dennis Foodservice Sales team, I began running workshops to help their Account Managers develop their sales skills and customer understanding. See where this is going now?

During this time I also became involved in the start-up of a cafe. Literally from walking the cliffs and hearing one man's dream, to helping to plan the interior, source the fixtures, design the logo, the website and sharing thoughts on how it would quickly repay the costs and consistently net a high monthly profit. (Now past it's first birthday, it has already exceeded all expectations). Find out how I would approach boosting your profits here.

The experience made an arguably patchwork past come together perfectly...with the marketing, sales, psychology, project management and design experience proving a unique and comforting blend for my growing network of foodservice business owners.

A year filled with sad news of lives cut short and scary near-misses, and my children growing up way too fast, meant enough was enough. In 2018, I made the decision to leave the role that had meant so much and return to the joy of working on projects where I knew I could make a big difference to people with equally big ambitions.

And now here I am...hoping that maybe you'll be one of them!?

Phew, job done I hope. You can read more on my About page, yet nothing is going to feel better than just meeting up, so please do get in touch. SJ x.

Sara-Jane Williams

M: 07975 728819 T: 01271 372620