Say cheese!

A dedicated hospitality, food&drink photographer, based in North Devon, has now joined the BrandLanterns team! Wahoo! Over the past few years I've worked alongside some amazing photographers across the South-West and in North England, but there's been an additional gap for a photographer for my close-to-home clients in North Devon.

I can be a fussy bugger...I wanted top-notch photography skills but also someone ready to take guidance on the brand vision, the underlying strategy, the subtle points of difference that would take the results far away from anything 'standard'. With all that said, I also then wanted my local photographer to spark off the brief and wow me and my clients with something extra each time. Oh, and always on time, and on budget. No excuses.

It's taken a while but I've found my man, and he's proving well the worth the wait! Between us, it's proving a winning combination of skills. Take a bow, James. We'll be sharing case studies and fab photos soon. Meanwhile, be polishing your glasses or finding your lippy, we're on our way....(-;

For more info on costs and availability, give me a call on 07975 728819 or 01271 372620. Alternatively, email:

Sara-Jane Williams