websites & email marketing
what do i offer?
  • Brochure style websites ('standard' websites)

  • Ecommerce websites (online shops)

  • Blogging websites

  • Optimised for all devices

  • Integrated email marketing or Mailchimp support

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Integrations to enable website reservations (e.g. 'book a table'), online availability checkers (e.g. holiday cottage rentals), online subscriptions, web cams, drone footage, social media feeds etc.

am i a good fit for you?

My websites services are likely to be perfect for you if you're after a website that is:

  • Built upon smart strategy and sales psychology
    (a key point of difference; no pretty sites that fail to deliver on their purpose!)

  • Easy for you to take-over and edit the content yourself

  • Quick (and therefore affordable) for me to manage entirely

  • Completely owned by yourself (so super secure and no tie-in to me!)

  • Ideal for fast online shop changes

  • Editable even from your mobile for super-fast updates

  • Performs to a 'good' level on SEO (I've yet to find a client who needed better).

I'm known for my honesty, so I'll tell you if I think you're better to consider a different website platform or designer, and I can make recommendations of local marketing agencies if that seems best.

ready for some examples?

Ecommerce website + blog

  • Multi-category online shop

  • Blog for upcoming videos and ideas

  • Domains & social media channels set up

  • UK branding direction

  • Integrated special offer discounts

  • Subscriber list & email marketing

"Love it! You've nailed the blend of the branding, perfect. Thanks for sorting the changes to all the online shop products so fast too - you're the best Sara!"

Tony Quick, Director.


Website for regular content changes

  • Smaller budget brochureware site

  • Easy client dashboard and blog

  • Designed for quick PDF uploads

  • Weather/surf cam

  • Matching external signage

"Looks perfect! Just what I wanted, thanks Sara"

Liam Drew, Owner.

Multi-page, Multi-audience example.

  • Part of wider project for Devon & Cornwall Police.

  • Smart strategic foundations + copywriting.

  • Needed to work for different audiences & interests

  • Designed for fast changes and with later phases in mind.

  • Note: Subject to completion.

"A huge thank-you for your work on our website. Your advice on how to structure the site and the psychology behind this has clearly been very effective. You've exceeded all expectations and we're so pleased."

Sam Davies, Co-Founder, Surfwell.


Simple site, supporting leaflets.

  • Brochureware site

  • Supporting leaflets & business card design

  • Domian name management 

  • Easy maintenance.

"Thanks to the fab website you built I've already had enquiries from all over Devon and beyond from people who just googled 'Wills'. It's been well worth it and I look forward to taking the next step with you."

Alan Williams, Owner.


Holiday accomodation + webcam

  • Easy dashboard for client use

  • Online availability & price list uploads

  • Surf-cam

  • 3D virtual tour

  • Copy-writing & Imagery

"Thanks for sorting everything whilst we were away. The website looks great and so do the social media graphics"

Peter Puddiphatt, Owner.



Single-Page Scrolling Site + Store

  • One-page scrolling site to start with.

  • Expanded to feature online store.

  • Multiple checkout options & offers possible.

  • Quick new menu uploads

  • Matching menus designed

"We love all your designs - thank you so much for your help with all this!"

Theresa Gilbert, Owner.