i know your game

Chances are that you are on this page because you are either looking for some reassurance that I know my stuff, or you're keen to suss out whether I'm your type of person or not. I'll try to help with both.

For those wanting the nitty-gritty of my achievements so far, see my Career History, Cred' Crunchin', blog post.

when blunt is best

Typically people rave about their passions here, and how their business grew from them. I do get a huge buzz out of helping others to achieve clarity in their business thinking, ensuring they dodge the traps, find the shortcuts and get to celebrate meaningful results. That seriously revvs me up.


However, I can simplify my motivation further, and apologies if this sounds cold, but ultimately my ambition is to run a successful business...and by 'successful', I mean 'profitable'.

The reason I feel good telling you this is because the only way I plan on being profitable is by making you more profitable. It's simple, honest and relies on a win-win partnership between us. That's my style.

two monkeys, an octopus & a jellyfish

I have two children who rock my world, and so have learnt to multi-task better than any octopus. Recently, that included making a 5 foot, tentacle-crazy, glow-in-the-dark jellyfish costume…but the significance here?


We've all got busy lives and most of us are struggling to manage all the things we want to master or do. The answer is to get super smart about what really matters, and to recognise when taking help is the best route to your own success.

That's surely 'a brighter way'.

Ready to get glowing? Contact me here.

why this team approach rocks

In my summary of how Brandlanterns works, I explained that usually my food marketing and hospitality experience means I work alone. However, for larger projects, or when extended services are needed, I'll put together a team to suit your needs exactly. This has the benefits that:

​- I have lower overheads than most, because there's no flashy office and I'm not permanently employing a large team. That means you're only paying for what directly benefits you, and only whilst it does.

- I'll choose people with the perfect skills, personalities and costs to suit you and your business needs. It couldn't get more bespoke, and that brings better results and greater value.

For examples of the types of specialists I work with and the range of services offered, click here.

I have always found Sara-Jane to be creative, talented and knowledgable in her profession. She'll swiftly get to the crux of the business before trying to market it. I am excited at the thought of working together again as I know Sara-Jane will help me take my business to the next level.

Alan York, Coffee Masters UK.

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