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Hello, I'm Sara-Jane.

BrandLanterns began in 2018, when I left my corporate marketing role to work freelance.

My enthusiasm for understanding what makes a brand (and what doesn't) began long before though,

with a university dissertation that got me noticed, into a fabulous agency and forever inspired.

I'm proud to have won multiple awards over the years and cherish my diverse range of loyal clients

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My training and experience enables me to support clients with a range of services, from brand strategy to graphic design, website design and sales training workshops.


Skills and services aside, the following compliments perhaps best reflect the reasons I have developed such long-running relationships with my clients:


"I love that you give us what we need, but also no more than we need. That mindful efficiency, and your honesty always, is exactly what we needed Sara".


"Strategy and models are all well and good, but I needed someone ready to look deeper and apply sensitivity. You've made a huge difference to us".


"You've certainly lived up to your name - it's been really enlightening and you've definitely saved us from various mistakes and wasted expense".


"I confess I'd fallen out of love with my brand. You've not only rekindled it, but breathed new life and joy into the business - thank you Sara!".

However far you've got with your project idea, feel free to give me a call to chat it over.


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