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Chances are that you are on this page because you are either looking for some reassurance that I know my stuff, or you're keen to suss out whether I'm your type of person or not. I'll try to help with both.

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I've spent over 25 years in Sales, Marketing and Brand Development, working for top Marketing agencies, large global brands and the tiniest of local businesses. That brings the benefit of top-notch training and confidence supporting those in corporate settings, but also the grounded 'no-fluff' approach needed in a world where everything is spinning faster, budgets are tighter and consumers more savvy. 

I get a huge buzz helping owners of businesses of all sizes to achieve clarity in their business thinking, ensuring they dodge the traps, find the shortcuts and get to celebrate meaningful results. Plus, when it comes to design, I'm as much about the psychology and the impact as I am about it looking good.


It all combines for #abrighterway to work. (See client comments).

my difference
  • You pay for me, so you get me. I won't win you over and then pass the project onto a junior. Although I occasionally take support, you can be confident you'll benefit from my skills and experience throughout. I remain fully accountable for everything and it will always be me answering the phone.

  • I have lower overheads than most because there's no flashy office and I'm not employing a large team. That means you only pay for what directly benefits you and only whilst it does.

  • If we agree your project warrants extra support, I'll choose from my network those that have the perfect skills, personalities and costs to suit your particular project. It couldn't get more bespoke and that brings better results and greater value.

  • I don't believe in retainers and don't operate in the way many marketing agencies do. It's always just pay-as-you-go. It's a no-brainer when trust and respect is on both sides.

  • My approach is popular because clients feel the service is exceptionally personal, they know I put a lot of pride into all I do. Furthermore, maximising time and cost efficiencies is as important to me as it is to you, and that feeds into greater profitability

  • It's because of all the above that clients nominated me in the Business Action 2020 Awards, leading me to scoop both the 'Outstanding New Business' and 'Business-to-Business Excellence' awards. Read here why that should matter to you

The feedback on the adverts has been amazing! My customers have said how lovely and easy to work with you are, the work is always of a high standard and on time. Consumers are specifically asking for products as a result of your adverts, so we can be sure your work is making a big impact!

Bakery Manufacturer, UK


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BrandLanterns is based in North Devon, but with clients spread across the South-West, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and the Midlands. Most projects can be overseen remotely or, depending on circumstances, I'll happily travel to visit you. Just give me a call to chat it over!