'Outstanding New Business 2020' & 'Business-to-Business Excellence 2020' Award Winner
Brand Strategy  -  Marketing Support  -  Website Builds  -  Graphic Design  -  Sales Training

"Know who you are and be comfortable with what you do" 

For businesses wanting to improve sales and brand reputation,
BrandLanterns provides mentorship and a variety of marketing services.

Known for passion, experience and creativity, Sara-Jane Williams is a:

  • source of expertise and support for small business owners

  • cost-efficient alternative to an in-house Marketing Manager

  • trusted extra pair of hands for established teams

It's 'a brighter way' to work.

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"Be clear on who you help and the difference you make" 

BrandLanterns is so-called because of comments that I bring fresh energy, 'light bulb moments' and reassuring guidance for those feeling somewhat lost in the dark.

(Blurgh, cheesy but it is what it is).

For smaller clients, I tend to work alone: friendly, quick, affordable.
For the big boys, I'm usually appointed to support an existing team.


Popular services:

Exceptional training working for brands such as BT, the British Army, American Express and Zurich Financial Services...

...whilst also experienced in making a big difference to start-ups and smaller businesses with very limited budgets.

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