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Private Chef, Dez Turland.

Project: Website and brochure design to showcase luxurious dining opportunities in your own home (or venue of choice!).

BrandLanterns Services: Brand identity, website & online brochure design.

Dez Turland has a long-established reputation as an exceptional chef and champion of South-West ingredients. However, he was without a website to promote his private chef services.

Dez liked the dark grey of his existing business card and agreed that a logo was unnecessary at this stage. Through quick moodboards, I showed Dez how that dark grey sat well with the colours and textures of high quality chef and cookware (think steel, leather, granite etc).

Graphic elements with the appearance of these materials, set against a crisp white and dark grey, gave Dez the sophisticated but down-to-earth look his brand suited, whilst also being understated enough that his dishes stayed the stars of the show.

Embedding imagery of ingredients into some interactive buttons also worked well, drawing attention where wanted, plus adding vibrancy and energy to offset against those harder textures.

This was a fast turnaround website so no time for a photoshoot. Instead, I was able to crop Dez's existing photos and build the website in a way that would make future updates quick.

Alongside the website, I designed a digital brochure that could be opened from the website or sent out independently. That's often a smart move because it:

  • saves clogging up your website with content (keeping customer focus where you want it)

  • gives a gateway for measuring visitors (so we can see who and when people are opening it)

  • provides a direct link to share across communication channels

  • is super quick to update.

(Be ready for your mouth to water!).

SEO has been kept deliberately basic as Dez's bespoke service and PR chef reputation suited a more personal marketing focus (and was a cost better saved).

The website has now been live a good while and so I was chuffed to see Dez's following comment on Facebook recently, advocating on how well the design is working for him:

"Huge thanks to the work you put into creating my website It’s difficult out there & very competitive so to have a definitive & creative website is hugely important to me".

Dez is an exceptionally talented Chef plus, as these kind words show, a great guy to know and so to have designed this website and brochure for him meant a lot. Thank you Dez!

Why not take this a chance to plan a special treat for yourself and friends?

It would be an amazing experience and leave memories you'll all cherish.

Check out Dez Turland's website at >

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Sara-Jane Williams

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