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Spilling the beans on Coffee Masters rebrand.

Project: A quirky new brand identity & launch materials rekindles brand love for Coffee Masters.

BrandLanterns Services: Brand identity, graphic design & branded corporate clothing.

"I've been working with some marketing agencies on a rebrand but I'm just not feeling excited by any of the designs. Can you give me something different?" came the request from Alan York, Director at Coffee Masters.

More than steady steps, we soon found ourselves taking joyful jumps forward and the Marketing department at Coffee Masters is now looking very different... read on!

The first stage was to ensure there was logic behind the look so that it was better able to support future messages about the purpose and character of the company.

I guided the client through early decisions regarding where the focus fell (industry vs. product vs. brand), which quickly showed why others hadn't hit the mark. This stage is often either missed competely or over-complicated!

Next, I presented various concepts, each based on different themes: 'craftsmanship', 'authority' and 'confidence'. That swiftly zoned us in further, with a development of a concept that focused on 'energy, expertise and creativity'. It's from here that designs inspired by the world of Willy Wonka took off!

(Read on...).

The journey of bean to cup was acknowledged, with the production and supply chain openly celebrated in the designs. Yet we also stirred in the heartfelt touches, bubbling energy and unique wizardry that so perfectly reflected the reputation that the Coffee Masters team had already established for themselves. I'll leave them to enjoy spilling the beans more! (Update, they asked me to! Read here).

Was it a bit bonkers?

Too much a whirlwind of ideas?

Willy Wonka himself had the answer:

"A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men".

Alan York, Director, told me he was loving the journey and the results:

"I don't think I've ever felt this excited by my brand before!"

In that quick comment, I felt my purpose of BrandLanterns had been summed up (-:

Work progressed at pace.

  • A new colour palette was developed, with a generic colour combination alongside specific colours to reflect their product categories.

  • I introduced a simple gradient to their logo for extra vitality and reworked the company strapline for extra impact and to support the new direction.

  • Packaging labels and info flyer templates were created for the team to use.

  • I approached one of my favourite suppliers of branded clothing to kit out the team in new embroidered tshirts and fleeces.

  • Business cards and pavement sign designs were completed.

(Read on...).

Alan's enthusiasm was contagious, and I was full of suggestions as to how he could improve his marketing and roll out the new brand look with meaning. It was at this point Alan highlighted to me his other subbrands and we celebrated the welcoming of Quarter Horse into the Coffee Masters family.

Exciting times, but also very busy times! To help achieve all the ideas and more, I drafted a job description and helped to recruit Coffee Masters a full-time Marketing Manager. I'll now be here to lend support when wanted and cheering them on all the way (-:

Coffee Masters is an inspiring brand, organically developing at speed and based on the most wholesome, heart-warming principles. Their team is a joy to work with and I'm flattered to have been the one to help stoke the brand fire this year.

Watch their space at: @coffeemastersuk

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Sara-Jane Williams

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